IoT Consulting

Product ideation. Technical due diligence. Architectural design. Whatever your strategic needs are for IoT business and technology, we can help.

IoT appeal has many businesses thinking about expanding their product offerings. This expansion brings new challenges and carries risks that business may not previously have encountered. We have experience partnering with companies to help address those challenges and risks. The result is a reduced number of missteps and a shorter time to market. Example service engagements include:

  • Technical Due Diligence – Companies desiring to increase their IoT presence frequently look for new business relationships such as partnerships or acquisitions to quickly increase capacity and technical reach. We can support the process of vetting potential relationships by performing due diligence activities that will deliver an objective assessment of products, processes and people. Armed with that assessment, companies can make more informed decisions about potential.
  • Technical and Product Management – Our senior leadership can support your business and technical management activities by assisting with the management of projects, the review architectural designs, the assessment of technology alternatives, and the selections of vendors.
  • Portfolio Strategy – Many companies have a portfolio of businesses that are each developing independent IoT strategies. These companies may be investing in duplicate or conflicting efforts and are potentially missing valuable opportunities to capture product and resource synergies across portfolios. By partnering with these companies at the enterprise level, we can help drive the cross-portfolio synergies as well as enhance the ideation process for new IoT-based products. This is especially valuable for those companies whose products do not have intuitive or logical extensions into the IoT domain.
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