Our Services

From straight-forward advice on how the Internet of Things can help your business, to the most complex IoT implementations, we are here to help.

IOT Technology Solutions can collaborate with your IT, operations, product design, and management teams to realize untapped value from existing technology investments and prepare them for the demands of the future. Our service offerings range from tactical automation and integration activities for the factory floor to full-stack development of IoT applications for a broad range of application domains. Most of our associates have 10 or more years of experience. They have worked in a diverse set of companies from startups to Fortune 100 and can adapt to a variety of processes and quality systems.

Automation & Integration

The IOTTS automation engineering team can help you achieve the quality, efficiency, and profitability goals in your manufacturing organization. Whether it is control systems on the factory floor or enterprise-wide IT/OT integration projects, we have the experience to make sure you succeed.

IoT Solution Development

Our engineering team has successfully deployed a wide range of custom IoT applications in the consumer, commercial, and industrial environments. Whether it is based on your platform or our own Felix™ components, we can quickly build a solution that will meet your business needs.

IoT Consulting

Product ideation. Technical due diligence. Architectural design. Whatever your strategic needs are for IoT business and technology, we can help.

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