Telematics is a market that includes some of the most well-known IoT solutions in the world today. IoT Technology Solutions has unique expertise in providing telematics solutions in a wide range of industries.

Telematics solutions must overcome a number of unique challenges to be successful. From collecting massive amounts of information from incredibly large numbers of heterogeneous connected devices to processing, analyzing and reacting to this data in fractions of a second, telematics solution can be difficult and costly to create for even the most experienced teams.A well-executed telematics strategy can benefit businesses that operate in just about every industry. These tangible gains are limited only by the imagination of those defining the solution. Just a few of the possible benefits include:

  • Improved Efficiency
  • Cost Reduction
  • New Opportunities

With a broad range of experience providing telematics solutions for a number of industries,  IoT Technology Solutions has unique expertise when it comes to delivering a telematics solution for your business.



With data volumes starting in the petabyte (2^50) range and growing to zettabyte (2^70) levels, making sense of the information collected by telematics applications can very quickly become an overwhelming task.


The number of connected devices is expected to grow to anywhere from 20 billion to 50 billion by 2020.  Connecting with and managing the number of devices that will send information to a telematics application is a daunting exercise.


With so much data coming from so many devices and an ever increasing demand for instantaneous feedback, delivering a telematics solution that can scale in-line with exponential growth is a complex and time consuming challenge.


The complexity and scale of delivering telematics applications for an enterprise is a costly undertaking easily reaching millions and even tens of millions of dollars.  For any enterprise this level of investment is not to be taken lightly, for others it may not be possible at all.



From reducing the number of manual processes in an organization to improved logistics capabilities and more, telematics applications offer efficiencies in any line of business.

Cost Reduction

Whether saving money on fuel costs, reducing claims payments or improving operational safety and more; implementing the right telematics solution can reduce the cost of operating in any line of business.

New Opportunities

When fully executed a telematics strategy will open new opportunities and revenue streams for the enterprise.  Monetizing anonymized aggregate data collected from the telematics solution can be the foundation for entirely new business models.

Our Experience


We help deliver auto telematics solutions for the largest P&C carriers in the United States.  Our solutions provide invaluable insight into driver behavior making it possible to more accurately determine and mitigate risk.


Working with AST we provide the most advanced aviation telematics application for surface friction available today.  Our solution provides significant value to pilots, airline cargo and flight operations centers, airports and air traffic control centers.

Personal Fitness

From working with large fitness equipment manufactures on connected equipment solutions to developing applications that use fitness telematics to drive charitable fund raising, we have leveraged personal fitness telematics in a number of interesting and innovative ways to provide tangible value to our clients.


Telematics in healthcare is revolutionizing the way the world diagnoses, treats and even prevents sickness. We have development telematics solutions for large hospital networks that help ensure regulatory compliance leading to reduced costs and improved patient care. See Healthcare for more details.

The IoT Technology Solutions Advantage


Our experience successfully delivering telematics solutions for a broad range of industries uniquely positions IoT Technology Solutions as a leading provider in the telematics market. Take advantage of our knowledge to ensure your organizations’ succcess.


Whether you want an end to end hosted solution or telematics experts to augment your existing team, IoT Technology Solutions will work with you to ensure success as you implement your telematics strategy.


Our proven IoT platform can accelerate the successful implementation of your telematics solution. From a custom hosted solution leveraging all the functionality Felix has to offer to licensing select services and even complete source code access, we will work with you to apply our IoT platform to your unique, specific needs. Learn more…

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