IOT Technology Solutions has developed solutions to automate monitoring and logging tasks for hospitals and clinics to better manage risk and satisfy regulatory requirements.

Hospitals and clinics can maximize their return on investment for medications and vaccines by ensuring assets are stored at optimal temperatures and responding more quickly to equipment failures that affect the shelf life of those assets.


Risk Management

Medications and vaccines often require continuous precise control of their storage environment to maximize shelf life and minimize waste. Immediate notification of out-of-range conditions in required in order to optimize remediation an minimize the impact on shelf life.


Joint Commission requires documented processes and monitoring of storage temperatures for medications. Manual
processes requiring staff to remember to take time to check temperature values, and dependent upon human interpretation of readings often results in missed and inconsistent data.

Distributed Operations

As hospitals, clinics, and other organizations merge and consolidate, the need to be able to remotely monitor assets without requiring staff at each location becomes more critical and a major opportunity for cost savings.


Asset Protection

Sensors that can continuously monitor equipment and environment conditions provide more timely notifications of any abnormal conditions that might lead to material losses.

Reduced Labor Costs

Reducing manual tasks required for regulatory compliance with IOT technology saves labor costs and frees up resources to focus on core patient care activities.

Accuracy and Consistency

Automated sensors provide more accurate and consistent data collection than manual processes dependent on human interpretation.

Our Experience

Web Site Development

Our web development teams provide an array of services ranging from user experience and design, to graphics design, to full web application design and development. Our teams are familiar with and use the latest tool sets available to create modern reactive, mobile-friendly, real-time web sites, that leverage not only RESTful web services to access archived data, but also use web socket communications protocols to provide real-time updates to users, all over secure connections.

Mobile Application Development

We have mobile application developers with experience in both Android and iOS development to provide maximum consistency between native applications developed for each platform to help reduce support and maintenance costs and training.

Data Storage

We provide solutions that leverage multi-schema relational databases to maintain data dependencies and enforce data integrity, as well as clustered non-relational data stores for the large amounts of time series data generated by IoT devices and sensors.


Our people have extensive experience using Docker containers to isolate the components of our customer’s solutions. Docker allows our customers to maximize re-use, consistency, portability, and performance, while minimizing their maintenance and deployment resources and costs.

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