FelixKnows User Benefits

FlexKnows provides great benefits for our users.....

Reduce Downtime

Monitor real-time machine and sensor data with advanced analytics to alert of failures before they occur. Deploy targeted alerts to specific staff based on date/time/shift, GPS location and/or escalation status.

Improve Availability

Drive timely realization of production schedules and reduce the negative impact of unplanned downtime by deploying predictive and prescriptive maintenance activities based on actual usage data and the results of Felix’s analysis modules.

Increase Yield & Quality

Compare live production data against historical norms with statistical process control modules to identify impending drifts outside of quality bands before problems occur. Tune automation system parameters with the results of analysis modules to maintain centerline.

Reduce IT/OT Support Burden

Minimize capital expense, management and support of plant-floor hardware and software by leveraging Felix’s cloud-based architecture. Reducing the technology footprint on the factory floor affords technical staff the ability to focus on the manufacturing process itself.

Minimize MRO Overhead

Predict the quantity and date of materials required for MRO activities by feeding real-time machine data into predictive analysis modules and comparing that with historical norms and MTTF data. Use the results of this analysis to proactively manage MRO inventory and reduce unnecessary overhead.

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