Solution Summary

Intelligent, Actionable, Scalable and Fault Tolerant

The FelixKnows Solution is…


Leverage out-of-the-box and custom, user-defined analytics modules to:

  • Predict machine failures and process anomalies before they occur
  • Create new process variables or “virtual” sensors from existing instrumentation such as calculating flow from a changing tank level
  • Calculate and monitor key performance indicators such as OEE, in real time


Immediately affect positive change on responsiveness to problems by:

  • Managing alarm apathy with targeted, location-aware alerting that notifies the right staff, when on location at the right time
  • Utilize multiple notification channels such as email, mobile and direct machine control to keep staff up to date and systems operating at optimal levels


Because of the modular, distributed architecture, Felix can support a broad range of customer requirements for data acquisition and analysis: from relatively small facilities with a handful of data points and analytics modules to large, enterprise-scale deployments processing many petabytes of data each month.

Fault Tolerant

Felix’s fully distributed architecture means your data, and the insights derived from it, are managed with industry leading levels of availability. Felix can support service level agreements required by 24-7-365 operations.

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