How FelixKnows

FelixKnows™ is the application of our Felix™ platform to bring new levels of manufacturing intelligence to the plant floor.

FelixKnows is a web-based solution that allows manufacturing enterprises to input and unify data from a wide variety of input sources including:

  • Programmable logic controllers
  • Discrete sensors
  • Automated factory subsystems
  • SCADA, ERP and other IT & OT systems
  • Weather sources
  • RFID systems

Once collected by Felix, the data is stored in a common format where it can be processed by a wide array of real-time analytic functions. The output of these functions creates new data streams that can feed other analytic blocks or directly yield valuable operational insights.

Data input by Felix is location-independent. With the appropriately-configured security, a user can view and analyze data from any number of geographical locations – plotting them on the same graph or using them in multi-plant analytics as easily as if all the data were in one location. This ability to remotely query and analyze real-time and historical data results in an environment that is uniquely designed to improve performance by analyzing real-time activity, quantifying waste, and predicting failures.

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