The new state-of-the-art in manufacturing intelligence.

Imagine a system that…

  • Analyzes performance and predicts failures for a wide variety of production line and ancillary
  • Provides the features of dashboard, historian, statistical process control, and alarming systems in a single, integrated environment
  • Is web-based and requires no software to install and no capacity to be added to your data center
  • Automatically registers data for collection from control systems already running on your lines
  • Allows you to monitor data at any location from any location, using any desktop computer or your favorite mobile device
  • Enables fine-grained user account control over who has access to functions and data
  • Makes collected data available to your IT organization and connects to external systems throughout your enterprise

Customized to your application

Felix Working for You

Analytics – Predict failures, measure efficiency, and optimize asset utilization for a wide range of production equipment and factory machinery using Felix’s library of analytic tools that can be used individually and in combinations to operate on data across machines, lines, or plants.

Monitoring & Visualization – Create an unlimited number of configurable dashboards and views to monitor key process variables or system functions with your choice of charts, tables and gauges.

Data Integration – Eliminate silos of dark data by integrating multiple, disparate sources into a common platform. Felix supports connectivity to over 150 different manufacturing protocols.

Scalability – Deploy solutions tailored to your requirements without limitations on feature sets or tag counts.

Powerful Alert Infrastructure – Once anomalies are recognized Felix can send text, email, and voice notifications to staff members based on type of problem, time of day, and geographical location. You can also configure Felix to send inputs to your control or ERP systems.

Reports – Run reports on demand or on schedule. Archive them or send them to a configurable list of recipients

System Applications

“Soft” Sensors

Create new process variables from your existing instrumentation, such as calculating flow from the change in a tank level. Comparing this real time data against historical norms is used to detect impending process failures.

Predictive Analytics

Predict machine and process anomalies. For example monitor the correlation of two process variables such as voltage and current, or pressure and temperature, Felix can detect impending failures across a wide range of operating conditions in real time.

Performance Management

Calculate and monitor key process indicators and process variables, in real time, and alert specific staff against abnormalities or conditions below target.

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