Felix Core

Felix Core provides the foundational services necessary to deliver fully capable IoT solutions. From innovative alerting and notification capabilities to location based functionality and more, leveraging Core services allows focus to be on delivering the IoT business solution.

Providing the Core Capabilities for an IoT Solution

Every IoT Solution requires a set of fundamental capabilities in order to drive real value to the enterprise.  Felix Core provides the most comprehensive set of services available in any IoT platform.

Felix Core Capabilities

Alert Service

The Felix Core Alert service includes:

  • Flexible scheduling – disable alerts during scheduled maintenance to avoid false positives
  • Easy configuration – apply alert definition to multiple device data streams or all data streams from devices of the same type
  • Take Action – not just when the alert condition is met but also automatically notify staff when the alert condition is cleared
  • Escalate – define an alert to automatically escalate if not acknowledged in a timely manner
  • Tracking – collect comments as staff works to resolve the alert condition

Audit Service

Features of the Felix Core Audit service are:

  • Compliance – all changes in an Felix solution are audited to the write-only, time-series store that can be used to prove compliance in many regulated industries
  • Analytics – from simple audit reports to efficiency improvement and risk analysis the audit service data can be used to improve overall business workflow
  • Open – when the IoT solution includes more than just Felix services use the open api integrate in-house functionality with the Felix audit service to create an audit for the end-to-end solution

Billing Service

The Felix Core Billing service supports:

  • Payment Service Integration – supports most 3rd party payment providers include Stripe, PayPal and others
  • Open – the billing service framework allows for easy integration with in-house billing systems

Event Service

The Felix Core Event service provides:

  • Scheduled Events – setup regular events to trigger actions within Felix
  • Rules – use the rules engine to combine inputs and take action or control devices based on results

Location Service

Key features of the Felix Core Location Service are:

  • Geo-fencing – setup geo-fences around corporate assets so the closest staff can be notified in the event of issues with the asset
  • Privacy Focus – when used for staff only track when they enter and exit a geo-fence around a corporate asset

Notification Service

The Felix Core Notification service has the following capabilities:

  • Location Based – notify staff closest to the incident for fastest resolution
  • Automatic Reminders – setup reminder notifications to be sent automatically if an incident isn’t addressed in a timely manner
  • Channel Set – provides an extensive set of notification channels out-of-the-box:  Email, SMS, Push (android, iOS), MQTT, Web-hook, and more
  • Open – Easily add notification channels to integrate Felix into an existing workflow

Reporting Service

Features of the Felix Core Reporting service are:

  • Real-time Visualization – using the Felix dashboard, visualize data streams in real-time
  • Batch Reporting – Quickly generate reports across large, heterogeneous data-sets to gain valuable business insights
  • Open – subscribe to real-time data streams and easily ingest data into existing workflow

Security Service

The Felix Core Security service features include:

  • Encrypted Connections – all connections between devices and Felix as well as client applications and Felix are encrypted
  • Authorization – simple, easy to configure, role based authorizations

The Felix Core Advantage


Felix Core provides the most comprehensive set of services available in any IoT platform.  Leveraging the functionality delivered by the Felix Core services drastically reduces the time and cost of delivering an IoT solution leading to a more efficient and competitive business model (don’t like this)

Alerts & Notifications

The Felix Core alert and notification services are the most flexible and innovative in the market.  From shift work support to location-based delivery Felix Core delivers exactly what an IoT Solution needs from a monitoring perspective.


All of the Felix Core services are open with easy to integrate and use APIs.  This means an IoT Solution built on Felix will be able to integrate into existing business solutions and workflows easily, reducing overall implementation costs and shorting or even eliminating the new technology learning curve for staff.

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