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The Felix IoT platform provides all the capabilities needed to take advantage of the untapped potential that the Internet of Things has to offer businesses in every domain.  Core to every IoT solution is the ability to collect incredibly large amounts of information, quickly correlate and analyze vast amounts of data and then automatically take action based on the results of the analysis.  Felix excels in all 3 of these areas:  aggregation, analysis and automation.



The Felix IoT Platform makes it easy to collect information from millions of disparate connected devices and data services. The aggregation of data points streamed from these connected devices and services is seamlessly handled by Felix and made available to real-time and batch services alike.



Industry-leading real-time analytics processing, batch analytics on massive amounts of data, predictive analytics and machine learning capabilities are all available with the Felix IoT Platform.



Whether event driver or based on analytic results, the Felix IoT Platform has the capability to automatically take action in an IoT solution.  From triggering alarms and sending notifications to controlling connected devices, Felix can help automate the IoT workflow for any enterprise.

The Felix Advantage

The Felix IoT Platform delivers unmatched real-time analytic performance with the flexibility to quickly and cost-efficiently deliver IoT solutions for a expanding line of business domains.


The Felix IoT Platform dramatically reduces time-to-market as well as the costs associated with creating an end-to-end IoT solution.  Providing all the foundational services, simple APIs and easy to use integration frameworks, a fully functional IoT solution can be implemented in a fraction of the time and cost it would  take without Felix.

Asynchronous Architecture

Built on an architecture defined from the start to scale and perform at the levels required for the Internet of Things, the Felix IoT Platform comes ready to connect with millions of devices and process the vast amounts of data expected in an enterprise IoT solution.

Real-time Analytics

Being able to process and react to information in real-time is a must for any IoT solution to provide real, tangible business value.  Felix has the industries most advanced real-time analytics engine.  Horizontally scalable with the ability to quickly define and execute custom analytic functions, Felix’s real-time analytics engine delivers performance and flexibility that is unmatched by other IoT platform providers.

Flexible Engagement Options

From source-code licensing to Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) options clients can use the Felix IoT Platform in the manner that best allows them to deliver on their business goals.  Whether you have a large IT staff or almost none, the Felix IoT Platform and IoT Technology Solutions will work with your team to deliver the IoT solution you need.

The Felix IoT Platform

The Felix IoT Platform enables rapid delivery of complete IoT solutions with proven success in industries from healthcare to manufacturing and more.  Highly scalable and extremely flexible, the Felix platform provides the foundation necessary to create secure, performant and full-featured IoT solutions for the most demanding environments.

Felix Core

Felix Core provides the foundational services necessary to deliver fully capable IoT solutions.  From innovative alerting and notification capabilities to location based functionality and more, leveraging Core services allows focus to be on delivering the IoT business solution. Learn more

Felix Manage

Felix Manage delivers all the capabilities required to monitor and manage the people, places and things that participate in a distributed, enterprise-wide IoT solution.  Manage services include user and role management as well as access to metrics and resources utilization. Learn more

Felix Analyze

Felix Analyze enables the industry’s most advanced real-time analytics capability as well as machine learning and predictive and batch analytics functionality.  Using Panini, our advanced analytics domain specific language (DSL), analytic functions can be rapidly developed, tested and deployed to augment the robust analytics provided by the Felix IoT Platform with custom and proprietary algorithms specific to an IoT solution. Learn more

Felix Connect

Felix Connect provides the services needed to connect IoT device and external service data streams to an Felix IoT solution.  Using Connect services, data streams are auto-provisioned allowing new channels of information to be included in the IoT solution with little or no additional configuration.  With Connect, accessing real-time streams of IoT information and even automated device control is possible. Learn more

Felix Edge*

Felix Edge is a self-contained micro-platform that takes key Felix IoT services and moves them out of the cloud or data center to run on the local network.  The Edge micro-platform allows a Felix-based IoT solution to work with devices stream information at sub-second frequency providing data calibration, filtering and cleansing services as well as the ability to run real-time analytics and control services locally. Learn more
* coming soon

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