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We share the clear understanding that it is the goals of a business and the needs of their customers that drive the technology solutions we offer… and not vice versa! With this perspective, we serve large enterprises looking for rapid development of new ideas and products, as well as small, device-oriented businesses recognizing the need to create connected environments and products.

IOT Technology Solutions believes that IOT will transform the global economy and impact the lives of every person. Our role in this exciting transformation is to help customers design, deploy, and manage their unique IoT vision for their company.

By partnering closely with your executive, product, and technical teams, we help you clarify your vision, define the complete solution stack, and determine a deployment roadmap. Our expert business analysts, process engineers, and technologists have the experience and deep technical knowledge to make your IOT project a success.

IOT Technology Solutions is an STA Group company.


Whether you are seeking a comprehensive IoT strategy or a point solution to solve a particular challenge, IOT Technology Solutions has a breadth of services and solutions to address a wide variety of industries and applications.

Mike Kleszynski
Managing Director
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Managing Director
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Senior Managing Director
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Senior Managing Director
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